The Relaunch

It all began about four years ago. I was still living and working in Stellenbosch and desperate for a change. I started this blog as a way of expressing my current state of mind. I needed a reinvention and looked to nature for some blog-name inspiration. I felt like a tree needing to shed its leaves and so “Shedding ANA” was created.

Nothing much came of the blog then, but I definitely did as its name suggested. I shed a whole lot of A(lexa) N(icole) A(nthonie), mostly layers of self-doubt, uncertainty and insecurity. Now, mere weeks from turning 30, I find I am a lot more ready to say “Hello World!” This is probably what my friend meant when she said, “turning 30 is like having your brain finally clicking into place and having all the dust settle.” Consider yourself warned then when clicking through posts dated 2010; it was an un-clicked-in brain that crafted them.

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