Design Inspiration

I’ve always had an affinity for all things design related. Sharing life with a creative who’s used to wearing the hats of artist, designer, entrepreneur and photographer has brought me that much closer to the world of lines, colour, positioning and texture. I thoroughly enjoy every minute spent in Ballack Art House space. It’s a space where crazy ideas have free reign and where the limits of design and business possibilities are forever being pushed.

Tomorrow Ballack Art House, or BAH for short, will be extending their creative space to the Gallagher Convention Centre where Inspire 2014 will be taking place. BAH’s design and decor goods made from Ivan Ballack’s original photography will be showcased to retailers, interior decorators, fellow designers and representatives from the hospitality industry. Their new ranges are bound to spark interest and make a few decor mouths drool! Ivan and Gretha have graciously invited me along and I can’t wait to rub shoulders with the who’s who of the design and decor world.

Inspire 2014

Inspire  2014

I’m also looking forward to a talk by Dave Nemeth called Creative Disruption. Each year he gives South Africans in the interior decor and design industry the low down on what’s to come. Tomorrow he’ll be discussing the trends we’ll encounter in 2015/16. If his forecast of 2014 trends is anything to go by, I’m sure he’s got even more out-of-the box predictions and opinions lined up.

On the topic of 2014 trends, I was most struck by the idea of 3D printing – what’s that you say – printing dessert? Rumour has it, there’ll be 3D printers on show at the Inspire 2014. (Hope they’ll print food and have free tastings!)


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