A word nerd at heart, I always fuss about correctness, suitability and clarity.

Words are also the medium that bring to life close-to-the-heart things like good design, entrepreneurship and living well – all things you can read more about here.

I cut my teeth in academia and the publishing industry. Majoring in English and Linguistics helped me guide students in the clear structuring of their arguments as a lecturer in academic writing. As editorial assistant for Kwela Books I worked through copious manuscripts – the slush pile – to judge its suitability for publication. Through my work as lexicographer at Pharos Dictionaries I discovered the science behind compiling dictionaries – how to order words and their derivatives and when new words get added.

As a freelance writer and editor I have helped researchers, lawyers, students, magazine editors, communications teams and startups with technical texts, narrative texts, web copy, marketing content and everything in between.

Since I’ve set out on my own I’ve been exposed to a myriad creatives and entrepreneurs who continually motivate me to explore my own creativity and laud the genius of others. I invite you to share in my experiences and share your own by commenting as often as you wish.


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