editing [‘ɛdətiŋ]

to prepare written material for publication by correcting, revising or modifying

When editing I check for grammatical and factual accuracy, clarity and suitability. In short, it’s your writing. Just better.

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Content editing, as the name suggests, looks at the content of the text or the meaning it conveys. I check that the message is suitably framed for its intended audience and that the tone and structure being used serves the purpose of the text.

Major changes are suggested that may involve rewriting by myself or the author. In the case of academic texts, rewrites by the editor may be severely limited.

Content Edit Check List

  • coherence
  • headings
  • paragraph structure
  • style & tone
  • text (document) structure

Copy-editing zeroes in on the smaller units of meaning in a text, that is, its sentences, words and punctuation. I check for grammar and spelling errors that include punctuation, subject-verb agreement, verb tense and consistency in American or British spelling, capitalisation, abbreviation, numerals, italicisation and quotation marks.

Copy Edit Check List

  • abbreviation
  • clarity
  • consistency
  • grammar
  • italicisation
  • numerals
  • punctuation
  • quotation marks
  • sentence structure

Both these edits are done on an electronic copy of the text so that track changes may be employed.