Art & Design

I take a look at some desirable objects, the trends they mimic and the designers and artists responsible for creating them.

Behind the scenes with Expresso fashionista Maria Kroes

I’ve always been interested in fashion and for a while (as part of my quarter-life crisis) I even considered going to study fashion. In Paris. And that is how I got involved in a network marketing company, but that’s a story for another day. Needless to say, I didn’t make it to Paris OR get into fashion design school. But I know people who know people and through them I’ve been given a glimpse of, no, a front-row seat to beautiful-ugly that is the fashion industry.  (more…)


Humble beginnings for app developer


As a schoolboy in Sheshego, Kholofelo Moyaba used his love of art and poetry to make some extra money. He made greeting cards and birthday cards on request and on special occasions, like Valentine’s Day or Mothers’ Day. He would make them in bulk and sell them for 50c each. He wasn’t aware of it then, but these were the beginnings of a future shaped for creative and entrepreneurial thinking. (more…)