I love the “how did it all start” question when talking to entrepreneurs. Discovering their business’ genesis and their journey to success inspires me without fail.

Entrepreneurship as a (healthier) way of life

When I met Lara Maré van Niekerk, it was to talk books. The friend who introduced us raved about her many entrepreneurial endeavours and promised that she was bound to offer me some inspiration. I was not only inspired but also amazed and curious!


A New Year Facing Charred Beginnings

Picture of a burnt car on a maroon background taken by Ivan Ballack

This image entitled ‘Some of us have had enough’ (courtesy of Ivan Ballack) might depict exactly how you feel.

If the news headlines over these first weeks of 2015 are anything to go by, it’s been a year of charred beginnings for many. There have been those whose credibility have gone up in smoke (think Zelda La Grange and Sunette Bridges) while others were victims of arson, murder and theft (eg, what happened in Theunissen and what’s happening in Soweto). I too greeted my 2015 with that day-after-a-braai smell on my clothes (though I was nowhere near a braai). Instead of falling prey to crime or the temptation to broadcast my opinions on social media, my charred beginning was caused by dashed hopes and untimely goodbyes. (more…)

Making a Feast of Entrepreneurship!

I had the privilege of doing some SEO copywriting work on a new startup’s website. To be more precise, the website is the startup. However, the brains behind it all is owner, Reinette Wiechers. Today Reinette will be launching her online artisanal and speciality food shop called Feast Food Market.

Screen shot of Feast Food Market's homepage

The finished product!


Lizel Cloete sings “I’m every woman!”

Growing up I always noticed amazing, “raak vat” women (an Afrikaans saying meaning the same as having a can-do attitude). Over the last few years though, the number of amazing go-getter women in my circle have increased ten-fold. All around I find them busting it and succeeding.

The following post is dedicated to one such woman. I wrote it while humming

“I’m every Woman … it’s all in me … Anything you want done baby … I do it naturally …”

Whitney Houston may have made that line famous, but Lizel Cloete, owner of new-found CREATEstudio, really deserves to sing it. She can literally do “anything you want done baby!”


Arushka Bugwandeen on doing business a little differently

Over the last few weeks I have had the privilege of profiling several Allan Gray Fellows, young men and women who have graduated from the Allan Gray Orbis Foundation’s Fellowship Programme. You may remember the pieces I did on Akosua Koranteng, Douglas Hoernle and Kholofelo Moyaba. These Fellows have all gone on to start making their mark in the entrepreneurial and working worlds. My interactions with each of them have left me in awe and at times breathless at all they’ve already achieved. Mostly though I’ve walked away inspired, convinced anew that persistence pays off and that it will always be worth pursuing big dreams albethey different dreams as my most recent profile reveals. (more…)

Akosua’s courageous hope for Africa

Let Akosua Koranteng speak to you about Africa.  Don’t expect a lashing of fervorous rhetoric about the ‘Renaissance of Africa’ or ‘Africa Rising’. Instead prepare to hear the measured tones of a woman who knows where she comes from, where she is going and what she is courageously committing to in order to get there. Akosua is a woman who understands the deep complexity of Africa’s plight and its potential. She also understands that her heritage and destiny are inextricably linked to this continent.Akosua-Koranteng 2 (more…)

A high-speed freight train life

Doug HoernleListening to Douglas Hoernle share his journey is like climbing aboard a high-speed freight train; you are at once aware of its weighty cargo and the speed at which it’s moving. Doug is a driven and highly motivated young man who is always on the move and always busy with a next big venture. (more…)