Living Well

What makes life worth it in the end? Here you’ll find my thoughts, musings and etceteras regarding ‘doing’ life and ‘doing’ it well.

Entrepreneurship as a (healthier) way of life

When I met Lara Maré van Niekerk, it was to talk books. The friend who introduced us raved about her many entrepreneurial endeavours and promised that she was bound to offer me some inspiration. I was not only inspired but also amazed and curious!


A New Year Facing Charred Beginnings

Picture of a burnt car on a maroon background taken by Ivan Ballack

This image entitled ‘Some of us have had enough’ (courtesy of Ivan Ballack) might depict exactly how you feel.

If the news headlines over these first weeks of 2015 are anything to go by, it’s been a year of charred beginnings for many. There have been those whose credibility have gone up in smoke (think Zelda La Grange and Sunette Bridges) while others were victims of arson, murder and theft (eg, what happened in Theunissen and what’s happening in Soweto). I too greeted my 2015 with that day-after-a-braai smell on my clothes (though I was nowhere near a braai). Instead of falling prey to crime or the temptation to broadcast my opinions on social media, my charred beginning was caused by dashed hopes and untimely goodbyes. (more…)

All I want for Christmas

There’s a song that I grew up with. My mom used to sing it to me all the time. It was made famous by Doris Day and it went a little something like this: “Que sera, sera, whatever will be, will be, the future’s not ours to see, que sera, sera.” (more…)

Alexa Anthonie and Jackie Burger at Elle Ed's Breakfast

Hairy Matters – Part III

Coco Chanel famously said, “A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.” Jackie Burger quoted her at the July edition of the Elle Ed’s breakfast. All the Elle readers agreed and I, with my wry smile, also nodded my agreement.


Hairy Matters – part II

I wore my hair long and straight for most of my life. Given it’s kinky nature this meant a once-a-week wash, blow and swirl. “A what?”  Wait, let me explain. (more…)

Hairy Matters – Part I

After the umpteenth complaint about my hair not behaving (or actually, not behaving like other girls’ hair) my boyfriend stopped sympathising and changed his approach. Instead he started saying, “I think you should write about it.” (more…)

Blind loyalty

I, like all other German supporters right now, feel the need to establish that there was loyalty from the beginning.


But my loyalty, I must confess, was of the blind kind. See, I knew very little about soccer and even less about the actual German team. That didn’t matter though. (more…)