Living Well

What makes life worth it in the end? Here you’ll find my thoughts, musings and etceteras regarding ‘doing’ life and ‘doing’ it well.

Goodbye to Cape Town, my mother

Four years ago, when moving to Cape Town was still just an idea I toyed with, a friend said, “Cape Town is a very good mother.” Three and a half years down the line and I agree with all my heart.

My safe place – Table Mountain from my bed

My safe place – Table Mountain from my bed


Of high heels and questions

How is it that mothers always know best? And does nature conspire with them so that they’re always right too?

A recent invitation to take part in a mini talk show destined for early morning TV made me realise my mommy’s wisdom anew. She always said, “Wear high heels,” to which I would always roll my eyes as I slipped on some sandals. (more…)

Saying “Peace, peace” when there is no peace.

Alex Boraine Book What's gone wrong?Last night I sat a mere two metres from Archbishop Desmond Tutu. He was in conversation with former colleague and friend Dr Alex Boraine about the latter’s new book and the state of South Africa.

In What’s gone wrong? On the brink of a failing state Dr Boraine takes a hard look at our country’s government and the prevailing exile mentality of the ruling party. (more…)

The Relaunch

It all began about four years ago. I was still living and working in Stellenbosch and desperate for a change. I started this blog as a way of expressing my current state of mind. I needed a reinvention and looked to nature for some blog-name inspiration. I felt like a tree needing to shed its leaves and so “Shedding ANA” was created. (more…)