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Local (Design) is Lekker!

The local design world’s abuzz with news of the first 100% Design South Africa, which starts running at Gallagher Convention Centre tomorrow in conjunction with Decorex SA. This international design exhibition, which started in London and has made its way to Tokyo and Singapore, now finds itself at the gateway to the African continent. As an official part of Cape Town’s World Design Capital 2014 programme, 100% Design South Africa firmly establishes that local (design) is lekker!

100% Design South Africa

The visual feast that is 100% Design South Africa


Trend forecasters predict 2015/16

I had my first brush with trend forecasting when I wrote about Li Edelkoort back in 2010. At that stage all I cared to know was that Li was a red-lipped leader in the field. Recently though, my interest in trend forecasting was sparked again at the Inspire 2014 where Dave Nemeth gave his take on the design trends for 2015/16.

Dave Nemeth at Inspire 2014

Dave Nemeth at Inspire 2014


Hairy Matters – part II

I wore my hair long and straight for most of my life. Given it’s kinky nature this meant a once-a-week wash, blow and swirl. “A what?”  Wait, let me explain. (more…)

Hairy Matters – Part I

After the umpteenth complaint about my hair not behaving (or actually, not behaving like other girls’ hair) my boyfriend stopped sympathising and changed his approach. Instead he started saying, “I think you should write about it.” (more…)

Blind loyalty

I, like all other German supporters right now, feel the need to establish that there was loyalty from the beginning.


But my loyalty, I must confess, was of the blind kind. See, I knew very little about soccer and even less about the actual German team. That didn’t matter though. (more…)

Lizel Cloete sings “I’m every woman!”

Growing up I always noticed amazing, “raak vat” women (an Afrikaans saying meaning the same as having a can-do attitude). Over the last few years though, the number of amazing go-getter women in my circle have increased ten-fold. All around I find them busting it and succeeding.

The following post is dedicated to one such woman. I wrote it while humming

“I’m every Woman … it’s all in me … Anything you want done baby … I do it naturally …”

Whitney Houston may have made that line famous, but Lizel Cloete, owner of new-found CREATEstudio, really deserves to sing it. She can literally do “anything you want done baby!”


Design Inspiration

I’ve always had an affinity for all things design related. Sharing life with a creative who’s used to wearing the hats of artist, designer, entrepreneur and photographer has brought me that much closer to the world of lines, colour, positioning and texture. I thoroughly enjoy every minute spent in Ballack Art House space. It’s a space where crazy ideas have free reign and where the limits of design and business possibilities are forever being pushed.

Tomorrow Ballack Art House, or BAH for short, will be extending their creative space to the Gallagher Convention Centre where Inspire 2014 will be taking place. (more…)