Writing Well

Writing doens’t have to be a pain. These tips will help you get your writing tip top!

The Unspeakably by Peter Anderson

The Unspeakable by Peter Anderson

The Unspeakably by Peter Anderson

The Unspeakable 

Peter Anderson’s The Unspeakable tells the story of young videographer Adrian Erasmus who, while working on a project about the discovery of a prehistoric skull, has flashbacks of his upbringing on Magnet Heights, a farm in the Ysterberg near Pietersburg. The filming of the Wonderboy skull and its discoverer, the professor Digby Bamford, takes place in the bushveld after an extended roadtrip with the professor’s girlfriend, Vicky Daintree, and Adrian’s assistant, Nando Killing Boy Ndhlovu. The tensions between this party of four increase as Rian, as he prefers to be called, remembers one deplorable incident from his past after another. As past and present become intertwined in his mind Rian’s true nature is steadily revealed. (more…)

Six Tips for Getting Your Message across – the First Time

Whether you consider yourself a professional writer or not, chances are you have to prepare a report or write a proposal every now and then. Even if writing is not something you do all the time it’s worth considering that good writing makes a good impression and saves you time. How? Well, if you get your message across the first time, you’ll never hear the words: “What exactly did you mean by …?” Your readers will see exactly how clever you are and you won’t have to explain yourself. Again. (more…)