Lizel Cloete sings “I’m every woman!”

Growing up I always noticed amazing, “raak vat” women (an Afrikaans saying meaning the same as having a can-do attitude). Over the last few years though, the number of amazing go-getter women in my circle have increased ten-fold. All around I find them busting it and succeeding.

The following post is dedicated to one such woman. I wrote it while humming

“I’m every Woman … it’s all in me … Anything you want done baby … I do it naturally …”

Whitney Houston may have made that line famous, but Lizel Cloete, owner of new-found CREATEstudio, really deserves to sing it. She can literally do “anything you want done baby!”


Behind the scenes with Expresso fashionista Maria Kroes

I’ve always been interested in fashion and for a while (as part of my quarter-life crisis) I even considered going to study fashion. In Paris. And that is how I got involved in a network marketing company, but that’s a story for another day. Needless to say, I didn’t make it to Paris OR get into fashion design school. But I know people who know people and through them I’ve been given a glimpse of, no, a front-row seat to beautiful-ugly that is the fashion industry.  (more…)

Of high heels and questions

How is it that mothers always know best? And does nature conspire with them so that they’re always right too?

A recent invitation to take part in a mini talk show destined for early morning TV made me realise my mommy’s wisdom anew. She always said, “Wear high heels,” to which I would always roll my eyes as I slipped on some sandals. (more…)