Jackie Burger

Alexa Anthonie and Jackie Burger at Elle Ed's Breakfast

Hairy Matters – Part III

Coco Chanel famously said, “A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.” Jackie Burger quoted her at the July edition of the Elle Ed’s breakfast. All the Elle readers agreed and I, with my wry smile, also nodded my agreement.


Hairy Matters – Part I

After the umpteenth complaint about my hair not behaving (or actually, not behaving like other girls’ hair) my boyfriend stopped sympathising and changed his approach. Instead he started saying, “I think you should write about it.” (more…)

It has been done before

I have always had a fascination with women who wear bold red lipstick without looking tacky. Wearers of bold red lips are often also wearers of confidence and fearlessness that is at the same time inviting as it is austere.  Few things can both ward off unwarranted attention and intrigue so much that a closer inspection is desired. The balance is important. Strength and Feminity. Intuition and Precision. Ambition and Sobriety. All of these elements in perfect balance are trademarks of extraordinary women. Women who rose from obscurity to pave their way in an antagonistic world. Women who boldly wear a shade of rouge. (more…)