Lizel Cloete sings “I’m every woman!”

Growing up I always noticed amazing, “raak vat” women (an Afrikaans saying meaning the same as having a can-do attitude). Over the last few years though, the number of amazing go-getter women in my circle have increased ten-fold. All around I find them busting it and succeeding.

The following post is dedicated to one such woman. I wrote it while humming

“I’m every Woman … it’s all in me … Anything you want done baby … I do it naturally …”

Whitney Houston may have made that line famous, but Lizel Cloete, owner of new-found CREATEstudio, really deserves to sing it. She can literally do “anything you want done baby!”


The Relaunch

It all began about four years ago. I was still living and working in Stellenbosch and desperate for a change. I started this blog as a way of expressing my current state of mind. I needed a reinvention and looked to nature for some blog-name inspiration. I felt like a tree needing to shed its leaves and so “Shedding ANA” was created. (more…)