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Entrepreneurship as a (healthier) way of life

When I met Lara Maré van Niekerk, it was to talk books. The friend who introduced us raved about her many entrepreneurial endeavours and promised that she was bound to offer me some inspiration. I was not only inspired but also amazed and curious!


The Unspeakably by Peter Anderson

The Unspeakable by Peter Anderson

The Unspeakably by Peter Anderson

The Unspeakable 

Peter Anderson’s The Unspeakable tells the story of young videographer Adrian Erasmus who, while working on a project about the discovery of a prehistoric skull, has flashbacks of his upbringing on Magnet Heights, a farm in the Ysterberg near Pietersburg. The filming of the Wonderboy skull and its discoverer, the professor Digby Bamford, takes place in the bushveld after an extended roadtrip with the professor’s girlfriend, Vicky Daintree, and Adrian’s assistant, Nando Killing Boy Ndhlovu. The tensions between this party of four increase as Rian, as he prefers to be called, remembers one deplorable incident from his past after another. As past and present become intertwined in his mind Rian’s true nature is steadily revealed. (more…)

Akosua’s courageous hope for Africa

Let Akosua Koranteng speak to you about Africa.  Don’t expect a lashing of fervorous rhetoric about the ‘Renaissance of Africa’ or ‘Africa Rising’. Instead prepare to hear the measured tones of a woman who knows where she comes from, where she is going and what she is courageously committing to in order to get there. Akosua is a woman who understands the deep complexity of Africa’s plight and its potential. She also understands that her heritage and destiny are inextricably linked to this continent.Akosua-Koranteng 2 (more…)

Saying “Peace, peace” when there is no peace.

Alex Boraine Book What's gone wrong?Last night I sat a mere two metres from Archbishop Desmond Tutu. He was in conversation with former colleague and friend Dr Alex Boraine about the latter’s new book and the state of South Africa.

In What’s gone wrong? On the brink of a failing state Dr Boraine takes a hard look at our country’s government and the prevailing exile mentality of the ruling party. (more…)