South African design

A New Year Facing Charred Beginnings

Picture of a burnt car on a maroon background taken by Ivan Ballack

This image entitled ‘Some of us have had enough’ (courtesy of Ivan Ballack) might depict exactly how you feel.

If the news headlines over these first weeks of 2015 are anything to go by, it’s been a year of charred beginnings for many. There have been those whose credibility have gone up in smoke (think Zelda La Grange and Sunette Bridges) while others were victims of arson, murder and theft (eg, what happened in Theunissen and what’s happening in Soweto). I too greeted my 2015 with that day-after-a-braai smell on my clothes (though I was nowhere near a braai). Instead of falling prey to crime or the temptation to broadcast my opinions on social media, my charred beginning was caused by dashed hopes and untimely goodbyes. (more…)